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Peer-reviewed publications are listed below.

Training material

Pieter Groenemeijer, Ari-Juhani Punkka, Jenni Teittinen (FMI)
Forecasting severe thunderstorms [HTML]

Oscar van der Velde
Guide to Using Convective Weather Maps [PDF], [link to the maps]

NOAA's Warning Decision Training Branch
Distance-learning courses on several aspects of severe convective weather

Presentations on severe storm forecasting

30th International Conference on Alpine Meteorology (ICAM),Rastatt, Germany, 11-15 May 2009:
Helge Tuschy et al.:
Environmental conditions and radar observations of organized thunderstorms [PPT]

Presentation at SF METEO, 24 March 2009:
Helge Tuschy:
Nutzen und Unsicherheit konvektiver Parameter bei organisierten Gewitterlagen [PPT], (held in German)

24th AMS Conference on Severe Local Storms, Savannah, Georgia, USA, 27-31 October 2008:
Harold Brooks et al.:
Evaluation of ESTOFEX forecasts: Severe thunderstorm forecasts [PDF]

Harold Brooks et al.:
Evaluation of ESTOFEX forecasts: Lightning forecasts [PDF]

4th European Severe Storms Conference, Trieste, Italy, 10-14 September 2007:
Christoph Gatzen et al.:
A close look at a severe MCS during the "Kyrill" winter storm over Central Europe [PPT]

Helge Tuschy et al.:
A case-study of two severe hail storms over southern and eastern Germany [PPT]

Pieter Groenemeijer et al.:
Verification of Dichotomous Lightning Forecasts at the European Storm Forecast Experiment (ESTOFEX) [PPT]

DWD Bas.-Vor. Workshop, Langen, Germany, 21 June 2007: Pieter Groenemeijer:
Vorhersage von Konvektiven Unwettern: relevante Größe und Parameter [PPT] (in German)

Stiftung Umwelt und Schadenvorhersage, Rastatt, Germany, March 2007: Pieter Groenemeijer, Helge Tuschy, Christoph Gatzen, Johannes Dahl, Oscar van der Velde:
European Storm Forecast Experiment [PDF] (in German)

DWD Tornado Workshop, Langen, Germany, February 2005:
Jan Hoffmann
The use of Doppler radar products for nowcasting tornadoes [PPT]

Johannes Dahl
Tornado workshop contribution [PPT]

Christoph Gatzen and Pieter Groenemeijer
Forecasting tornadoes using model- and sounding derived parameters [PPT]

FMI spring training session, Helsinki, May 2005:
Pieter Groenemeijer
Severe Convective Storms: theory and forecasting [PPT]

3rd European Severe Storms Conference, León, Spain, 9-12 November 2004:
Johannes Dahl:
The European Storm Forecast Experiment

Theses and peer-reviewed publications (lead-authored) by ESTOFEX members

Dahl, J. M. L, M. D. Parker, L. J. Wicker, 2012:
Uncertainties in Trajectory Calculations within Near-surface Mesocyclones of Simulated Supercells, Mon. Wea. Rev., (), ()

Dahl, J. M. L., H. Hoeller, U. Schumann, 2011:
Modeling the Flash Rate of Thunderstorms. Part I: Framework. Mon. Wea. Rev., 139, 3093-3111

Dahl, J. M. L., H. Hoeller, U. Schumann, 2011:
Modeling the Flash Rate of Thunderstorms. Part II: Implementation. Mon. Wea. Rev., 139, 3112-3124

Tuschy, H., 2009:
Examination of severe thunderstorm outbreaks in Central Europe M.Sc. thesis [PDF, 22MB]

Groenemeijer, P., et al., 2008:
Observations of kinematics and thermodynamic structure surrounding a convective storm cluster over a low mountain range, accepted for publication, Mon. Wea. Rev. (early online release)

Van der Velde, O. A., et al., 2007:
Analysis of the first gigantic jet recorded over continental North America, J. Geophys. Res., 112, D20104, doi:10.1029/2007JD008575 [PDF]

Groenemeijer, P., and A. van Delden, 2007:
Sounding-derived parameters associated with large hail and tornadoes in the Netherlands, Atmos. Res., 83, 473-487 [PDF]

Van der Velde, O. A., et al., 2006:
Observations of the relationship between sprite morphology and in-cloud lightning processes, J. Geophys. Res., 111, D15203, doi:10.1029/2005JD006879

Dahl, J. M. L., 2006:
Supercells - Their Dynamics and Prediction M.Sc. thesis [PDF]

Groenemeijer, P. H., 2005:
Sounding-derived parameters associated with severe convective storms in the Netherlands M.Sc. thesis [PDF]

Gatzen, C. P., 2004:
A Derecho in Europe: Berlin, 10 July 2002. Wea Forecasting 19, 639-645. [PDF]

Groenemeijer, P. H., 2003:
Three events of strong deep moist convection in The Netherlands. (KNMI report) [PDF]

Haklander, A. J. and A. van Delden, 2003:
Thunderstorm predictors and their forecast skill for the Netherlands. Atmos. Res 67-68, 273-299.[PDF]

Haklander, A. J., 2002:
Thunderstorm predictors and their forecast skills for The Netherlands. (MSc thesis) [PDF]

Van der Velde, O. A., 2001:
Relations between three-dimensional lightning activity and hydrometeor types in the June 13th 1998 Oklahoma City tornadic supercell. (MSc thesis)

Van der Velde, O. A., 2000:
Lightning activity of thunderstorms in relation to environmental and radar characteristics. (MSc thesis, abstract)

Dahl, J. M. L, C. P. Gatzen, J. M. Hoffmann, 2000:
The Berlin Hailstorms of 19 August 2000.

Articles by Chuck Doswell

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Interesting on-line publications and articles

Storm Prediction Center publications

Craven, J.P. et al., 2002: Baseline climatology of sounding derived parameters associated with deep, moist convection [PDF]

Brooks, H. and J.P. Craven, 2002: A database of proximity soundings for significant severe thunderstorms, 1957 - 1993 [PDF]

Monteverdi et al., 1998: Shear parameter thresholds for forecasting tornadic thunderstorms in Northern and Central California

Dotzek, N., Tornadoes in Germany [PDF]
TorDACH Germany, Tornadoes in Germany

Holzer, A., Tornado Climatology of Austria
TorDACH Austria, Tornadoes in Austria

Doswell, C.: What is a tornado?

Studies by Jon Davies

David Schultz

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