Storm Forecast

Storm Forecast
Valid: Sat 07 Jan 2017 06:00 to Sun 08 Jan 2017 06:00 UTC
Issued: Sat 07 Jan 2017 00:44
Forecaster: TASZAREK

No threat levels have been issued


Parts of CNTRL and western Europe remains under broad high with strong inversions and dry low-levels. Eastern and SE Europe is under influence of arctic trough with stable cold and dry continental airmass. Minor convective activity is possible over E Mediterranean on the south-eastern flank of the long-wave where steep lapse rates (> 7 K/km), not impressive 3-4 g/kg mixing ratios and synoptic-scale lift will overlap. Isolated to scattered convection is likely to develop over this area, however due to CAPE and EL being low, lightning potential and overall severity of convection is limited.

As a side note, strong non-convective wind events (Bora wind)are expected during the forecast period from the Dinaric mountains to the Adriatic Sea (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro). These winds are not caused by convective storms and are not addresses by the threat levels and text.

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