Storm Forecast

Storm Forecast
Valid: Sun 27 Jan 2013 06:00 to Mon 28 Jan 2013 06:00 UTC
Issued: Sun 27 Jan 2013 07:30
Forecaster: VAN DER VELDE


The cold continental airmass is losing the battle against the warmer maritime airmass advancing steadily with a fierce westerly flow pattern all over the North Atlantic, driven by a massive 940-ish hPa low south of Iceland. The occluded cold front arcs all the way from Iceland to southern Sweden down to Portugal, and the maritime airmass is unstable, especially at the west coasts of Ireland (with gusts 20-25 m/s, Monday stronger) and the UK. The cold front will also move along with significant vorticity advection into the western Mediterranean, where cyclogenesis takes place, but instability is weak this time. The old system of earlier this week is now petering out around Greece and Turkey, but there is still some convective juice left in it. It may produce some waterspouts.

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